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The myth of the “on-line, self search” service

You may be familiar with the terms “on-line” or “self-searchable” database for dependent care and work/life referral services. In fact, it sounds great. Quick, easy, inexpensive — all the information your clients and their employees need at their fingertips — right?

The reality is this service is frustrating, disappointing and cumbersome.

Searchable databases are only lists, put together from zip code sources, yellow pages, state child care licensure lists and the like — information that is available for free. They contain hundreds, even thousands of entries. It is impossible for any service to keep these lists updated to insure that each childcare provider or company is still in business, at the same address, or to confirm cost and availability.

What’s the problem?
Using the database requires the employee to call each listing they pull up — during business hours. They may call endless numbers of programs or resources and not find the childcare or the service that meets their needs, which means lost work time and frustration. Your clients do not want a benefit that disappoints their employees.

What’s the solution?
Resources On Call provides qualified referrals that are verified for each request. We research requests one at a time and take pride in uncovering hard to find and unusual solutions. Our researchers make an average of 20 — 40 calls to find referrals that meet the employee’s specific requirements. And we don’t stop until we are certain that the employee’s needs are met so that they do not spend valuable work time making personal calls and tracking down services

How does it work?
Resources On Call is completely turnkey — no startup time or expense, no overhead, and no staffing. You are in the driver’s seat — you determine the utilization you want and how you want us to promote the service to your clients. We do the rest.

Isn’t it more expensive?
No! Resources On Call costs the same amount or less than services that make referrals only from non-verified lists or an existing database. Resources On Call actually saves the company money, returning an average of $2 for every $1 spent. And you will receive monthly downloadable management reports with direct employee feedback to prove it!

On-line referral services. Not exactly a bargain.
Frustrated employees do not make your clients happy!

Resources On Call is your answer. We promise satisfaction for you, your clients and their employees!

  You're looking for solutions. Resources On Call is your answer.