The ROC Advantage  


ROC — it’s smart business… and makes you look good

During challenging times, when employees are asked to work longer hours and take on more responsibilities, they are under pressure to work at full throttle while also taking care of personal issues. Employers are under considerable pressure to remain competitive, attractive and viable in a business environment where cost-cutting is the norm.

Offering ROC is a win-win for you and your employees: employees tell you that ROC is a lifesaver, and your company benefits from measurable savings. ROC provides you with quarterly utilization and quarterly Payback reports that clearly track your company’s return on investment. With ROC, your utilization will average 20-25% (the industry average utilization is just 2-8%). And your return on investment will average 300%.

Benefits that go beyond cost savings

Besides the cost savings ROC provides, your company will enjoy other substantial benefits:

  • increased productivity. When employees take advantage of our referral services, they spend less time taking care of personal business at the office and are free to focus on their work.
  • a better business environment. Employees who are able to work more efficiently have a direct, positive impact on your company’s bottom line.
  • a competitive advantage. Studies show that employees who work for companies with a caring corporate culture provide the best customer service.
  • an effective way to retain key employees. Valued employees are more likely to stay if their needs are being met on both a professional and personal level.