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EAPs and work/life professionals work together.  

One of the issues we’re hearing from EAPs of all sizes is a concern about value added work/life services.

It just makes sense. In today’s business environment where cost cutting and downsizing are the norm, EAPs have to work harder than ever to retain the business they have and to find new contract opportunities.

Right now, many of the most successful EAPs are expanding their product line and adding these additional referral services. If you are considering a similar expansion to stay competitive, you have an important decision to make:

Where will you turn to find an established service provider who understands your business and will work the way you want to work?

You’re looking for solutions. Resources On Call is your answer.

Resources On Call (ROC) provides the widest range of referrals to dependent care, work/life and relocation resources available today. The service is completely turnkey — no startup time or expense, no overhead, and no staffing. And if you wish, we can provide announcements, an intranet link and other promotional material. Best of all, at ROC, we work the way you want to work: You determine which clients access the service. You control utilization. And if your staff already handles work/life requests, you can pass the overflow along to us.

Over the past seven years, more than 100 client companies have trusted ROC to provide work/life services throughout the country. Here’s what ROC can do for you:

  • ROC helps you build and strengthen your business.
    With ROC, your firm can offer a comprehensive package of services that creates a definite competitive advantage. And because everyone from senior management to hourly workers will use ROC, you’ll gain higher utilization and a stronger presence with your clients.
  • ROC provides the highest quality service.
    While other services may make referrals only from a limited list or an existing database, we research requests one at a time and take pride in uncovering hard to find and unusual solutions. We meet employee expectations 100% of the time with qualified referrals and timely response…and you will have the employee feedback to prove it.
  • ROC provides you with reports that will impress the CFO.
    You will receive monthly downloadable management reports with direct employee feedback to show your client how these services are saving their company hours of valuable employee output.
  • ROC is a cost-effective option.
    With ROC, you get low costs and the flexibility of capitated or batch contract options.

Resources On Call. Your partner in integrated work/life solutions.

Resource and referral is our only business, and we do an outstanding job! Partnering with ROC will strengthen your position in the marketplace by expanding your services while allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

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  You're looking for solutions. Resources On Call is your answer.