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You may already be familiar with childcare or eldercare referrals, corporate concierge, personal assistance or errand services.

Resources On Call is different.

  • ROC is more complete. We help employees with a full range of dependent care (both childcare and eldercare) and work life balance, instantly delivering greater value than the competition.
  • ROC is less expensive. Our services are offered at a significantly lower cost than alternative services.
  • Your employees will use ROC. Our competitors focus on needs of senior staff. ROC is for everyone.
  • ROC services are unlimited. While other services may limit referrals to a pre-set list, ROC’s services continue to grow as employees’ needs change.
  • ROC referrals are personalized and objective. Other companies push canned solutions provided by preferred vendors. At ROC, our highly-trained researchers use proprietary software and database capabilities to provide completely objective referrals, one request at a time.