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What Employees Say

Employee feedback

"Thank you for the apartment referrals for our CEO. You saved me about 12 hours researching and calling sources." — Rhonda

"Your referrals to family day care providers were a huge help for us. We didn't know where to start or even the right questions to ask. This is such an emotionally difficult decision that we needed a little jump-start to stop our procrastination. Thanks so much." — Steve

"The referrals that you sent were very helpful; we now have a pediatrician that we love. Hours saved: approx 10+." — Netha

"I LOVE Resources On Call. You have saved me from housecleaning and saved my company whole days!" — Cristina

"The day after you sent me the referrals, I had my shoes dyed perfectly. What a relief! Iím sure you saved me at least three hours or research and phone calls." — Jody