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What clients say about Resources On Call

“Resources On Call has been very important for us. It's provided our people with a time-saving resource and referral program that has been extremely valuable. We're very happy to offer Resources on Call as a critical benefit in these challenging times.” — Deb Tyrrell, Senior Benefits Manager, Sapient

"Wildfire has been growing steadily, both nationally and internationally, in the past year, and my objective in this growth period is to maintain our employee-centric culture within the company. Resources On Call is a great benefit that directly supports our employees in this time of growth and exciting challenges. It not only increases employee morale, but also helps us with our retention strategy." — Randi Nichols, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Wildfire Communications, Inc.

“From day one I have been impressed with the level of enthusiasm and dedication that the Resources On Call team demonstrates. They have been very proactive and flexible in meeting my needs as a benefits manager as well as the needs of our employees.” — Nancy Grava, Manager, Compensation & Benefits, Vicor Corporation

“We chose Resources On Call because we wanted to supplement our existing EAP offering. We were looking for a classic fill-in for things like eldercare and child care and what we got was so much more. Resources On Call was able to provide the solutions for everyday needs — an employee-friendly benefit that everyone in the company can use.” — Vivian Vitale, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, RSA Security

“Every Friday during the summer, Cytyc arranges an ice cream truck to come to the office for employees to purchase ice cream treats. On one particular Friday morning I called our regular vendor to confirm that the truck was coming that afternoon. I was told that they had no drivers available. Immediately I turned to Resources On Call and within the hour they had two companies available — one of which we used for the duration of the summer.” — Sarah Trombly, Human Resources Associate, Cytyc Corporation

“When reviewing proposed benefits with senior management, I rely on Resources On Call's payback reports to provide a cost analysis of the value of the service based on employee hours saved. Not only do the reports reveal that this low-cost solution helps our employees be more productive, but the internal feedback also demonstrates that this is a benefit StorageNetworks' employees both appreciate and utilize." — Rick Biedermann, Manager of Compensation and Benefits, StorageNetworks