Saving You and Your Employees Time
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Whatever the request, ROC's corporate concierge services save you and your employees countless hours.

Child care
Do you have pregnant employees or employees with young children? Their ability to work depends on having child care that best meets their familyís needs. For pregnant employees, we find childcare before maternity begins so employees can return to work on time. We find back-up care when a provider is sick, for snow days and school vacation weeks.

Professional Services
Do your employees need to find services such as a handyman, electricians, and house cleaners? Or professionals such a real estate lawyer, financial planner or even an emergency doctorís appointments? This process is frustrating, time-consuming and requires making calls during work hours. ROCís referrals are custom-researched to meet even the most unique requirements.

Moving and Relocation
Do you have employees who are moving or relocating? They face a time-consuming and complicated process looking for affordable apartments, not to mention services providers in their new neighborhood. If your company relocates employees, you understand the stress this puts on staff, too.

Do you have employees with elder relatives? Managing their care can be difficult and confusing — especially if elders live at a distance. Resources On Call finds everything from volunteer opportunities to transportation to home health care to assisted living facilities.