Saving You and Your Employees Time
Real Life Examples
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Services that grow with your needs

Whatever the request, ROC can help you and your employees save countless hours finding programs, services, professionals and entertainment. We bring work life issues into balance.


  • Openings for family day care before maternity leave even starts
  • Soccer camps in October before the rush
  • A babysitter in Texas to cover an offsite meeting attendance

    Professional Services

  • Pet sitters for an emergency business trip
  • Landscapers for weekly mowing
  • Handymen for a host of annoying small jobs


  • Realtors and Internet listings
  • Auto and furniture movers
  • Professionals in the new location — doctors, dentists, lawyers

    Pure Enjoyment

  • Private golf lessons
  • A sailboat to charter for 10
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • A 3-hour airplane rental for a bride and groom


  • Limos for a family to the airport on the busy Thanksgiving weekend
  • Meeting facilities in Atlanta
  • Children’s transportation services

    The Unusual

  • A sports bar with a non-smoking area
  • Party planners for a wedding in Tuscany
  • Local facilities for an evening hockey league

    Emergencies, too!

  • An accountant to file a tax-extension on April 13th
  • A chiropractor for a same-day appointment
  • A notary for a document to FedEx by 7pm